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Dinosaur Replicas
Dinosaur Reproductions
Fossil Replicas

American Dinosaur Fossils Exchange

Dinosaur Replicas are created in its finest detail by professional artisans who create these dinosaur replicas from the original fossil discovery. All of our dinosaur reproductions and dinosaur replicas are made out of hydrostone and or fiberglass/resin to re-create the genuine look and feel of the original fossil.  The fossil replicas are so well crafted that it sometimes takes an expert to distinguish between the original specimen and the fossil replica itself.

Dinosaur Replicas - T-REX Footprint

Some of our Dinosaur replicas are also made from highly durable resin and fiberglass with expanding foam. Dinosaur replicas can be hung on your wall or used as part of your own re-created "fossil dig" for kids and adults to search for and find.

Dinosaur Reproductions
Dinosaur Replicas

Our Dinosaur Replicas and Reproductions are seen world wide in Museums, Schools, Corporate Events, and yes, even at home for children's Dinosaur Parties. You can even obtain amazing genuine fossils at "Dinosaurs Rock". Have kids that want to be part of our Dinosaur Camps? For more Dinosaur Camp details click here.

American Dinosaur Fossils Exchange is a international supplier of dinosaur replicas, bulk wholesale and retail fossils.

Dinosaur Replicas - Dinosaur Eggs

Need bulk fossils for your camp or school? - to get some amazing bulk fossils at a great price follow this link. Look at our highly educational school program for "Dinosaurs" where your students will participate in a genuine fossil dig plus checkout our new Rock & Mineral program for schools - click here for details.

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Dinosaur Replicas - T-REX Skull

While select dinosaur fossils are available, our private clientele are usually notified first when a new shipment arrives. E-mail photos are sent along with pricing and within a day or two they are sold and almost never available for sale on the web.

Ever wonder where some of the most prestigious museums in the world obtain their fine pieces? Did you know that most of the "fossils" you see at the museum are NOT the actual fossil at all, but a "reproduction" of the original?

Museum Quality Coelophysis Dinosaur Reproduction - only $695 - CLICK ON PHOTO TO GO TO DINOSAUR REPRODUCTIONS

Compare our prices with any other established fossil dealer - you'll be simply amazed at our pricing capabilities. That is why American Dinosaur Fossils Exchange was established. To give you, the opportunity to own and/or resell high end fossils or (replicas) from around the globe.

Dinosaur Replicas - Mosasaur Skull


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Dinosaur Replicas of Museum Quality Can Be Found At Our Dinosaurs Rock SuperStore

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